A Small Journey of Beautiful Love Story

ye kesi love story
Ek andhi ladki thi jisse log nafrat kerte the aur use apne paas tak nhi ane dete the

Bas ek hi ladka tha jo use mhobat kerta the aur uske paas jane ke liye tarta tha
Jab us ladki ko pata chla ki koi ladka use etni mhobat kerta hai to use vhe boli
ki kaas mere paas bhi ankhe hoti aur main bhi tum ko dek pati aur tum se pyar keri,
ek do din baad achanak kisi ne uko apni ananke donate ker di aur uske operation   ke bad ladki
ko dikhayi dene lga, tab wo ladka ladki ke paas ata hai pta chala ki ladka khud andha hai wo dekh nahi sakta, to ladki ne bola kit tum to andhe ho tum to muje dek hi nahi sakte to main tum ko kese pyar ker sakti hu,
ladka muskurane laga aur uske hath me ek latter deker bhut dur chla gya ,
us latter me likha tha


New Love Story                                                                                                 

एक छोटी सी लव स्टोरी
एक जंगल में एक चिड़िया और एक चिड़ा रहता था
जो एक दुसरे से बहुत प्यार करते थे,
एक दिन चिड़ा चिड़िया से बोला मैं तुम से बहुत प्यार करता हु
तुम मुझे छोड़ कर तो नही जाएगी,
चिड़िया : अगर मैं आपको छोड़ कर जाऊ तो आप मुझे पकड़ ले ना
चिड़ा: मैं आपको पकड़ तो लुगा पर फिर दिल से प्यार नि कर पाउँगा,
चिड़िया: इतना प्यार करते हो हमसे तो मैं अपने फंक तोड़ देती हु मैं भी आपसे बहुत प्यार करती हु,

एक दिन अचानक तूफान आया चिड़िया अपने घोसले से उड़ ना पाई तूफ़ान ने उन्हें घेर लिया,
चिड़िया: चिडे से बोली आप निकल जाईये अगर तूफ़ान बंद होने तक मैं जिंदा रही तो यही पर मिलूगी,
यहे सुनकर चिड़ा चला गया

तूफ़ान बंद होने के बाद जब चिड़ा वापस आया तो वहा एक चिड़िया मरी हुई पड़ी थी
और पैड की साखा पर लिखा हुआ था की,
मैं तो उसी सी   समय मर चुकी थी जब आप यहा मुझे अकेले छोड़ कर गये थे

Real Love Story
Welcome You to know about my Love story, A person who beleive in Love or Not both can read it.Love is reality in today era or Fraud ? 

Its a question Generate in Your mind and you confused about it.
We can see in our new generation Its look like Fraud Every one is Selfish  and do Politics, 
A Po litics also establish in Love Relationships or not? Now we see, Hi, My Name is Zunaid Khan(changing name) , I m living at Delhi i Worked in IT Software Company, now i Have changed, In 2010 When i worked in IT software company, there i met a girl Preeti (changed name), She is open minded girl, No Hestitaion, high confidence level etc. I talked her only at lunch time, office leaving time not more... but after time we introduced each other about our Working Profile etc. When i Saw her at first time in office, when she joined office, then some feeling create in my heart for her, but i didnt beleive in Love, then I thought its some sweet imagination create in mY mind because i can say its gender difference, I think so, but after few days when she talked me on chat, face to face then i felt so happy, i felt that it was a great day of my life. So i said our Both heart  create feelings for each other but i didnt say and she also, I liked her expressions, nature, way of talking etc. she was naughty like a small baby, So These Feelings making a room in My HOuse of heart but i was unabling to tell this word (I Like u), Once day its day of saturday After office leaving I went to pub after that when i reached home after dinner, when i go to bed, I thought about her I took her Number from my office coullege, then I Gave  Miss call to her Number. but after few seconds i did vomitting because i took a large quantity of bear that day so, then i felt tired and i came bed and slept without seeing mobile. when i saw my mobile on next morning, she also replied by mesaage and missed call, i felt very happy then i understood she likes to freindship wd me, then Monday morning came i went to office, i gave proposal to her freindship she accepted, Tht day of my beautiful a memorable day of my life, We saw movies in cinemas, went to disco, temples etc. so many beautiful place. Thus I fell in her Love, and she also, She said me for marriage, But i said to her gv me some years when i stand my career then i will definately, but when we talked in phone firstly she said about marriage topic , but couragreously i told to my mummy about it, but My parents refused it. they said its impossible, Because she belongs to differnt cast different Religion, Thus i Decided how can i keep happy to my parents and my love. becuase my parents shocked when they heared aboutit. 
I will not go against my parents and i will not do flirt wd her, So i Made a plan, I made a hiring girlfriend and said to my love i did flirt wid you She said u r saying wrong but i changed my sim card, then after time she thought that i was not gud guy, I knew that I took a heavy stone in my heart,
I was crying, I felt that i will  died without her, but when i got information she got married. i cried but i thanks to god that she is married and god gv him gud husband who take care her and  gave her lot of happiness, Now she is happy in her life, and I also....................
Now My friends Love is Ture or not, My request to those lovers who took wrong decision when they angry and destroy their life, U have Parents So its ur resoponsibilty u do All works for ur Parents happiness and never go against them, Life is Preciouful, Godgifted so Benefit from it.....................................

Zunaid Khan
(Software Developer)  
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