Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Datesheet Of Valentine’s Week | Valentine Day, 2013

1. Rose Day ( 7 February 2013) :
As it’s name depicts roses are given to each other by love couples as well as by lovers. Youngers use fragrance of  roses to impress their lovers, friends and relatives. In Fragrance of Roses, Their love gets covered. This day is also like a lucky day for flower’s sales.

2. Propose day ( 8 February 2013)  :
This is really a big day for those who were waiting for these day to propose their friends. Their are some rumors or we can say myth that If we’ll propose on this day. Our proposal will get accepted. Anyone which having crush on their best friends or class mates or colleagues, It is best day to propose because this is also a day on which you can propose for marriage as well as for life time partner.

3. Chocolate day (9 February 2013) :
This day is especially meant for chocolate lovers. On this day, Boyfriend Fulfill expectations of girlfriend by giving her warm choc0late wrapped with love. Sweetness of this chocolate also raise sexual characters in body. Sweetness gets more increase when your lover eat chocolate by sit on your lap.

4. Teddy Day (10 February 2013 ) :
As we all know, Most of girls like teddy more than their boyfriends. Girls love teddy and they like big teddy as a gift on this day from lovers. As they always keep teddy in their bedroom, So; Not forget to give soft teddy to her. This teddy will increase your memories in mind.

5. Promise day ( 11 February 2013) :
How we can forget. Whenever any problem comes in relation, lovers promise each other to not repeat same thing again. We should carefully make promise so that we can fulfill on expectations as well as on promise. Promise should be little and true.

6. Hug day ( 12 February 2013) :
Hug…a Big world in girl’s life. True girls only their true lovers and this prove of a confidence of Girl over boy. Hug day is day to Tightly hug your lover and give a confidence about love and promise her to support entire life in every situation.

7. Kiss day ( 13 February 2013) :
Kiss in not a lip lock of two lips. It is a best way to express love to your girlfriend. Lovers express their love on this day by kissing each other. One thing more, You should eat mouth freshener on this day which will increase freshness in your kiss.

8. Valentine Day (14 February 2013) :
At last, 14 February comes for which everyone waiting from a long time. Most of the lovers go on date this day while some express their love with cards and diff ways. If you are waiting to impress a girl, You should go ahead so that you can celebrate this valentine with her.

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